Welcome to REDchanit
No major rules, micspam whatever you want, just don't aimbot or deliberately crash the server is all I ask.
For more information on the rules, click here.
Use !rtv to change map on the VScript server, and ingame voting on the SoapDM server.
This server also now features new classes! Play as Mercenary from Open Fortress and Civilian from TF2Classic with the /class command. Plugin made by Marxvee!

Additional credits:
VScript maps currently running made by Ficool2, Lazyneer, Foonguz, NepJr, GenericUserGuy, Wo, SnickerPuffs and Muddy.
Open Fortress content (Mercenary) by Stachekip (voice and sounds), Alaxe (model) and DrPyspy (concept), Drew (weapon models), Coolchou Zhao (weapon animations) and N-Cognito (weapon animations).
Team Fortress 2 Classic content (Civilian) by Benjamoose (voice), Maxxy (model) and Blaholtzen (concept art).
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